Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Once Upon a Time

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Siema Siema y'all, okay so I can't speak polish, nor am I American. But I am Marta's boyfriend. As I type this, Martousha is dying of embarrassment, so I apologise if there are no future posts.

Real time experiences: "No! No!" she exclaims, as I type out my post, although she calms down as I let her borrow my macbook.

I'm sure all of you can already tell my writing style is a little different to Marta's: probably a little random and not as polished (yes, pun intended). Sorry if thats a lame joke/"suchar" ;)

Curious to know who I am? How we met? Where Marta has been hiding me?

Let's see... Well, my names Eli. You can pronounce it either the European way or the English way, I'm used to both. I'm Australian (*dramatic sounds* :O "How is that possible?!?! Marta with an aussie boyfriend?! Nooooo wayyyyy" - sorry, that's the response we've been joking about xD).

I'm a chemistry student back home, but I decided to take a year off my studies and travel Europe before the end of the world (who knows right?).

Anyways, I went to London for a week, to meet up and explore the city with a Polish friend of mine. The 2nd night in we went out to meet a couple of their friends living in London, and voilà! Marta meets Eli, Eli meets Marta. Nothing fancy, no bangs and whistles (okay, maybe one or two), just a simple interest in each other and a desire to stay in contact.

After a month or so we decided to do some travelling together and I wonder if anyone can guess where we went?

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Eli's Post
Guessed any of the locations?

Off topic, but I would just like to mention the fact that the button for the letter "L" on her keyboard is loose, and it's driving me nuts! ><

So... what were we talking about?? Zombies... Travelling... Ahhh yes, that's right! Marta has a boyfriend? Yep :) I'm probably kind of annoying her right now, with writing this post and all, but she did agree to it, so nah nah Marta :P

I may try and write another one soon about our most recent trip: Cadiz. For the moment though, I would like to send a hello out to Olmong (haha ;D), and of course a thank you (dziękuje) too all who follow. :)

Leaving you with a sneak peak from Cadiz.

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Cliffhanger! *dramatic sounds*

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  1. I really hate this word but.... I have to write it- it's ohhhh-so-CUTE! :D

  2. That was unexpected... but cute! You're such an attention seeker Eli;) Hahaa

  3. o mój Boże, stało się! cieszę się dla Was :D

  4. Szczęście widzę, szczęście! I tak ma być! Pozdrowienia i uściski dla Was obojga:)

  5. Your blog is really interesting!
    Follow eachother?



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