Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Civilian in English

At the very beginning I want to warn you... Today it's gonna be a bit different, a lot of reading and only one language version per post. I decided to bring into life my idea of sharing my opinions about music with You. And additionally immodestly call them music reviews... So let's begin...

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I wanted to show you my new music discovery - an American band called Wye Oak. They play music that is considered to be indie rock mixed with indie folk. Here [click click] you can listen to their latest CD which was released 7th March. I have to admit that it definitely is on top of the list of my favourite LPs. I'm also encouraging you to share with me your opinions about it. As a payback I'll share my opinion about 'Civilian' as well.

Of course you should remember that what you're about to read is my own, very subjective point of view. As my best friend tells me (it's rather a paraphrase than a direct quotation) music is an art & art can be perceived by everyone in different way:)

While listening to the CD I couldn't help but get the impression that a duo wants to tell us the story that they are neatly developing with every song they put there. Starting from the calmest and making their songs more and more complicated both musically (the sounds get more sophisticated even though the instruments are pretty much the same for most of the time) and in their meaning.
Even though on the surface most of the songs seem to be the same, when we get more into it we realize that the band hid something for those who want to hear it. They help - or even encourage? - us to that by putting the play list so that it would create consistent storyline. They wanna show us their imaginary place by charming and preparing us for the trip with calm and soothing melodies that later on change into more complex sounds to, in the end, go back to where we began. You may almost get the impression that the whole point of it, is to assure us that you don't have to be afraid to turn off the CD, that there is nothing more that can escape your senses.

The thing that I liked most in the whole LP were the guitars. The band used them in a clever way taking advantage of all the possibilities that they give them and create a storyline of almost every song. It may seem to be weird given that the instrument is considered to be a domain of rock music - and here such a surprise.

Wye Oak should definitely be praised for what they showed on 'Civilian'. I've never been a huge fan of folk music but the duo shows us that this genre can definitely be interesting. And at the same time they assure us in what we already know about folk. Because don't we think of it as a magical music style?

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So I'm gonna ask you once again. What is your opinion about the CD? What's your relation to my review? Do you have similar feelings about 'Civilian' or maybe your opinion is different? I'm waiting for your answers!:)

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